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Ways to Deal with Depression in your Elderly Loved One

Posted by Ruby Cemental on Apr 25, 2017 5:30:00 PM

Depressed_senior_man_sitting-LR.jpgYou may have noticed that your loved one is showing signs of depression. In the elderly, this is an even more common problem. As one ages, circumstances surrounding an elderly family member or friend can easily lead to an ongoing depressed state. Health issues, spousal death, loss of friends and family and more can all lead to depression in elderly folks. You may have recently noticed mood swings, change in appearance, or loss of appetite in your loved one and aren’t sure what it means. Luckily, there are ways that you can help your family member or friend deal with their depression so that they lead a happy and productive life.

Talk to Their Doctor

The first step for anyone dealing with depression is to talk to a trusted family physician. They can diagnose the patient and discuss the proper treatment plan that will work the best for the individual. This may include prescription medication to treat the depression or the doctor may suggest natural alternatives. Make sure you are with your loved one as an advocate for their health, as many older men and women have trouble understanding what their doctor is prescribing for them. Discuss multiple options together. A combination of different solutions may be the key to improving the depression.

Therapy Solutions

Therapy may greatly help an elderly loved one who is depressed. There are many different types of therapy sessions that one can go to nowadays. Individual counseling with a psychiatrist may be your first thought but it may also be a more expensive option. There are many therapists that work on a case-by-case scale and who will only charge what their patient can afford. Another option is group therapy, especially if the depression is because of a specific event that occurred. For example, the loss of a spouse or child can easily cause depression, but there are specific support groups for this issue that can help.

Stay Close to your Loved One

It can be tough dealing with someone who is depressed. But your elderly loved one may need you more than ever now that they are not themselves. Be their support system as much as possible. Call or text them frequently, offer to visit, take them out shopping or just sit at your local coffee shop and chat. This will help them feel that they are not alone and it may help them to open up about their depression. As always, report any major physical or emotional changes to their doctor. Dealing with elderly depression can be tough on everyone, but when you love someone you will do whatever you can to help. 

At Caring Senior Service, our expert staff is comprised of extremely knowledgeable, friendly, and trusted professionals who take pride in helping your loved one manage their daily activities. Contact us today to learn more!

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